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cradixusALL: Primary place I and other former Grim players will be hanging out, discussing my new survival server, etc is on Discord. Join our discord now and find out what's happening with the new server in the #newserver channel! [link]
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cradixus   Just remember... the new server will not be Grim 3.0. It's a survival server without Vamps, Werewolves, etc. It currently doesn't even allow PvP. Furthermore, it will be family-friendly. Join the Discord to hang out with all your Grim friends no matter what, but if PG-rated survival isn't your thing, no worries & simply don't hangout in the #newserver channel. ;-) --Crad
suitep33No facebook? Join our steam team! :d
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YellowACS   I still have the grim server ip saved on minecraft XD
[Donor] JoustingLion   Same lol
suitep33Ok guys and gals! GrimGamers is officially our new and improved updated Facebook page! With 3 new staff I might add. See if you can guess who?? See you there! [link]
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[Donor] JoustingLion   Nice! Even though I have no facebook, I will still stop in to see what people are talking about :)
[Donor] ChrisTheGrapeYT   created a new thread My goodbye and my story in the General Discussion forum
TheGoldenLynxHello all, as you know TheGrimServer has come to a close. As sad as we are to see it go, I'm happy I got to experience it from start to finish. Quite literally in that sense, I was there when we brought the whitelist down and excitedly waited for people to start joining to play, and was there when we were all together taking pictures in TheGrimServers last moments. Unfortunately a lot of you didn't get to experience all of this, and I think I owe it to the server to give it a proper send off.

Now, to try and sum up 3 years of my time, my laughs, my frustrations, my loves, and all my experiences on TheGrimServer into a single post, it'd very very difficult. Probably impossible, but I'm going to try anyway. (Let's see how long this will be. As a staff member I want to thank every player that has ever logged into and played on TheGrimServer. You're conintued support and amazing community have kept this server going and I have no words to say how thankful I am of you. You all, who build, who pvp, who make friends, who make enemies, who laugh, who rage, who play. You have made this incredible magical community that has made me fall in love with this server and the people that play on it.

You are the reason this server keeps going, all the players that keep this community alive. YOU are the beating heart of TheGrimServer, and you have made this all possible. And I'm sure alongside keeping the server going this server has done a lot for us all. For me personally it has done so much and kept me going through a lot of tough times. Just being able to come home after a terrible day, and play on this server with this amazing community, it's just been so fantastic. As and much as I'd like to go back and relive and replay all those old amazing memories, they are extremely dear to me, and I wouldn't change them for the world. You guys have been utterly amazing, I've met some incredible people on this wild ride through the years, and I've made some even more amazing friends. There are so many to list this post would go on for quite some time. So you know who you are and I want to say you're all absolutely amazing.

All in all, this server has made the last 3 years of my life so much better. Thank you so so much for making this possible and keeping the community alive. Because as incredible as all of the factions and the cities and the buils were on Grim, the community is what made me keep coming back every day. I feel like I'm repeating myself so much, but I just can't really put it into words how great this whole experience has been. AND it doesn't have to stop. This community can keep thriving as we seperate to different games and servers, through our facebook page, through a skype chat, through a discord chat. Or perhaps through antoehr much more quiet server we can keep Grim alive. AND yes if this 'new server' is going to be put into motion I will be playing on there, and I do hope to see some of you there too, if you get invited.

To sign off I want to say thank you for the millionth time, thank you for making the last three years of my life so great, I will never forget the memories and experiences I had with you all. But for now it seems to be goodbye, I will continue to update the forrums with pictures I find on my computer and harddrives, and perhaps even make a PMC community I'm not sure, but we shall see.

Thank you all so much for an amazing three years, I love you all <3
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[Donor] JoustingLion   I know it looks super fake :p [link]
YellowACS   SWEET! That works! can they put that one up instead. XD
cradixus   I just whitelisted Sazay, Katt, Epic, & LOLU. Come join us on the new server (you can call it "Crad's Survival" for now -- still working on a good name. Server IP: [link]

Don't forget to join our Discord chat server, too! [link]

Current whitelist as of Sept 16, 2016: Sazay, LOLU2012, cradixus, damian_2010, AlphaClaw, EpicWaffles1, kattgirl26, JoustingLion, customblue, suitep33, ChrisTheGrapeYT and TheGoldenLynx
EpicWaffles1   created a new thread Cry Forum in the General Discussion forum
suitep33Hello everyone, I know we're all sad to see Grim go but that doesn't mean we still can't all game together! I'm changing The Grims FaceBook into a Grim players Facebook. So now you can post games and what not you're playing or any fun new servers you are on. We may not be a server anymore but we can still have our community. See you there!
TheGrimServer | Facebook
TheGrimServer. 11 likes. Welcome to Facebook page of our wonderful Minecraft server! Our Facebook staff is: Crad Lynx Suite
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cradixusThank you all for your support! It's been awesome these past few days talking about the good old days. I really appreciate the videos, too!!

Although TheGrimServer has run its course, I'm working on a new, very, very, very low-key--possibly whitelist only--Player vs. Environment (no PvP) server that's more or less Semi-Vanilla.

Many people find vanilla boring, but I don't and it's a simple server to run since plugin updates are less of an issue and I don't have to feel bad about not being creative enough to keep up with lore or "bored" players. You either enjoy making things from scratch with no economy loopholes, cheating, griefing, etc, or you don't.

The new server would be family-friendly. It would not allow cussing, griefing, PvP, etc. All players would respect each other & more or less keep to themselves unless working on a well-known community project. Furthermore, aside from VERY few "by-design" exceptions, there will be absolutely ZERO "creative" items spawned in. Everything would have to be earned.

Comment below if this sort of "vanilla" play-style sounds fun for you. You *may* (or may not!) receive a private invite to try out the new server (...IF it ever happens!). Otherwise, if vanilla MC isn't your thing, I completely understand! Please don't sign up for something you know you won't enjoy! There are plenty of other PvP/griefing/raiding servers out there!

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Sazay   sign me up more Grim just with less of me "cheating" lol
damian_2010   I'd love to participate in this! COUNT ME IN!!!!!! :p
YellowACS   I would love to play! :d
[Donor] JoustingLion   created a new thread R.I.P TheGrimServer. Gone but not forgotten in the Youtube for server forum
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After many long months of waiting (mainly for the Werewolf plugin to finally update), we were finally able to convert /grim (the original GrimServer) to pure 1.7.  The map has not changed and this has nothing to do with the /new server, but what it means is you can now start using 1.7 blocks!

In other related news, because the Werewolf developer is finally back to updating the plugin, Werewolf bugs have been fixed!  The invisible werewolf thing is gone as well is fall damage during pouncing.

ENJOY!  :-)   --Crad
monsterbrendan hey man the server won't allow me in for no reason, i mean i put the ID in right ps i miss the server
crazycole135 Please its been forever anyways!
crazycole135 Please let me back on I didn't hack!

New Spawn

TheGoldenLynx a posted Feb 16, 14
Hey guys, as most of you know the construction of new spawn has panned out quite far. The two main reasons for this: one, I am lazy; two it's a very big project and I am the only one working on it. 

Over the course of the next few weeks, I plan to bring this project to a close, although keep in mind just because the new spawn building itself is finished does not mean we can just transfer. There are several other things we must set up in order to make the new server official. 

But anyways, it should be completed over the next few weeks depending on what time I have. (And how lazy I am) But you must understand that it's taking this long because I want to put as much detail into it as I can. 
Comic Sans for no reason :P

Thanks for your patience

damian_2010 Flying out is sort of impossible bc about 4 ppl have donor status so Wafle is right Spawn lookin great tho, you can eas...
wafle__monkey So we can't realy fly out to look, 20j
wafle__monkey Post of us dont have foreverdonor...

Vip Group/ Donor rank

mcmattx16 posted Jan 11, 14

"Just wanted to let everyone know that we have a new group for VIPs.  
cradixus a Note: Letters have now gone out to DiamondDonors who purchased their 1-month subscription a while ago letting them know...
Many of you still haven't change your server IP to "" which means you'll be missing out when the "big change" happens!  Please make sure you click ONCE on your MC entry for TheGrimServer, then click "Edit" and change the "Server Address" to:

Now... about the "new map"....
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